Member Trust Loans

Member Trust Loan Application
Have you been a Casebine member for at least 2 years?
Is your paycheck deposited to Casebine?
It looks like you don't qualify for a Member Trust loan.  Please use our standard loan application.

Have you been a Casebine member for at least 2 years?  Is your paycheck direct deposited to your Casebine account?  If so, you may qualify for a NO Credit Check Member Trust Loan!  Apply today!

*Member Trust Loans are a no credit check, relationship-based lending product.  Members must: Be at least 18 years of age, have been a Casebine member for at least 24 consecutive months, receive a direct deposit with at least a 6-month history, be a member in good standing.  Loan amounts range from $250-$750 with terms from 3 months to 12 months.  Member Trust Loans are a standard 19.99% APR.  APR = Annual Percentage Rate. A $750 Member Trust Loan with a 12-month term and 19.99% APR would have an estimated monthly payment of $69.48. Normal CCCU underwriting guidelines will apply.