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Life Happens! Overdraft Protection can help!

As a member of Casebine Community Credit Union, you can manage your money conveniently without the stress of bounced checks or insufficient funds. We realize that sometimes, life happens, and as a result an overdraft occurs.

To help protect you, we provide three overdraft options…

Standard Automatic Coverage

Overdraft Transfers

Overdraft Transfers apply to any transaction that may overdraft your Checking account. This service is automatically activated when you open a checking account and helps you avoid any returned item fees! We'll move money to your Checking account in $50 increments.

Privilege Pay

Privilege Pay is automatically activated on your Checking account based on daily qualifications. If funds aren't available in your Membership or Secondary savings, Casebine will authorize (at our discretion) up to a total of $500 in overdrafts* to help you avoid returned items!

Alternate Option

Overdraft Line of Credit

Built in to our Checking Plus account, an Overdraft Line of Credit has NO transfer fees!** We'll transfer increments of $100 from your Line of Credit as needed.

What does each option cover?

Transfer from Membership Savings Privilege Pay Overdraft Line of Credit
Checks X X X
ACH - Automatic Debits X X X
Recurring Debit Card Charges X X X
Bill Pay Items X X X
ATM Transactions X (opt in required) X
Everyday Debit Card Transactions X (opt in required) X
Cost $10 per transfer Equal to the amount used from $5-$35* FREE! Subject to Line of Credit Terms**
Automatically included with your membership! Learn More Apply Now!

*Casebine will normally pay overdrafts within Privilege Pay limits; however, payment by Casebine is a discretionary courtesy and not a right or obligation. We may refuse to pay an overdraft for you at any time even though we may have previously paid overdrafts for you. The Privilege Pay service may be withheld by Casebine at any time without prior notice reason or cause.  CLICK HERE for full Privilege Pay details.

**There is no fee to have an Overdraft Line of Credit or to transfer from an Overdraft Line of Credit.  CLICK HERE for full Overdraft Line of Credit rates, fees, Terms, and Conditions.