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75th Annual Meeting

Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Community field | burlington, ia

gates open – TBA | meeting – TBA
Board of Directors Nominations

The nominations committee is now accepting nominations for the board of directors.  If you’re interested, please email !

Casebine Community Credit Union rose to the challenge that 2022 presented, while our membership shifted back a more traditional way of life post Covid restrictions we sought out ways of moving forward in environment that saw our members using more nontraditional ways of banking with the credit union. As e-services grow we saw more members join, borrow, and initiate financial activity through our online services in 2022 than any year prior.

I am truly proud of all that Casebine has accomplished. We showed our resolve and deepened our commitment to enriching the financial lives of our members. The commitment of our board and the dedication of our staff is unmatched. I appreciate their contributions to helping ensure our growth and stability in this ever-changing environment.

Your CCCU team is here to serve you and your needs. I want to thank you, our membership, for your continued support. You are a valued member of Casebine Community Credit Union. There are bright days ahead. Casebine will continue to put our members first and provide the best financial services that help our members achieve their fantastic futures and do more with their money.

Lynda Hild

In this 74th Annual Report of Casebine Community Credit Union, I am pleased to report your board of directors and management team were busy in 2022 planning and executing several projects behind the scenes, to ensure we continue to serve you today and into the future.

One of the changes that was planned and executed in 2022 was the signing of a new core processor. This transition is already underway and will be completed in the second quarter of 2024. This system upgrade will bring new and improved services to our members, ensuring your credit union continues to be in the forefront of banking innovations in southeast Iowa.

Casebine Community Credit Union has also added in-house first mortgages to its lending suite. Your board is committed to offering affordable housing lending solutions within our field of membership. We believe our in-house program will allow qualified buyers an opportunity to finance within the community and keep their mortgages local.

I would like to say thank you to the membership of Casebine Community Credit Union. The membership of CCCU is essential to our success. In the future we look forward to continuing our focus on the success of the credit union and a strong 2023.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, I also wish to thank the Supervisory Committee, President/CEO, and her staff for their service and dedication in making the Credit Union what it is today. We appreciate the privilege of serving you, the members of Casebine Community Credit Union and for your support and trust in us.

Daryl Wolff

The Credit Committee serves the Board of Directors and the membership through its oversight of all lending activities. The Committee oversees lending and collection policies that guide our loan programs and procedures.

This past year the board kicked off our Member Trust loan program in recognition of the short-term lending needs of our members. These short-term loans use membership history and service to qualify members for loans and not credit history.

We generated 539 approved loan applications for $4,20568.29 in loans, this included auto, recreational, personal, HELCO, and participation loans and $946,264.61 in credit card advances. The necessity to evolve is important as our members’ needs are ever changing.

Please be sure to check with your credit union first for all your financial needs. We can help you purchase vehicles, boats, homes, and assist with other needs you may have. As always, thank you for investing your trust, money, and faith in CCCU. We will continue to help as many members as we can, so that we will live up to the credit union motto “It’s Where You Belong.”

Wayne Smith
Credit Committee Chairperson

It is the Audit Committee’s responsibility to ensure that the credit union maintains the quality of service every member deserves. To accomplish this goal, the committee performs specific duties including overseeing an annual independent audit of the Credit Union, verifying members’ accounts, reviewing internal accounting systems and controls, and ensuring that all policies and procedural guidelines are followed.

In 2022 the Audit Committee engaged the independent accounting firm of Eide Bailly CPA and Business Advisors to do an “agreed upon procedures audit” of our financial records and files as of September 31, 2022. The Iowa Credit Union Division is scheduled to perform an exam in June of this year.

The Committee believes, based on the report of the certified public accounting firm and a review of the Credit Union’s operations, Casebine Community Credit Union is in sound financial condition and is operating under sound management procedures.

Sharice Edwards
Audit Committee Chairwoman