Savings Accounts

Every member starts with a “Primary Share” or savings account.  We’ll keep your first “share” here to make you a member/owner in your credit union!

Checking Accounts

AKA “Share Draft” accounts.  Write checks, use a debit card, and spend your money your way!

Christmas & Vacation Club

Need a way to save some money for Christmas or your next vacation?  We’ve got you covered!  Save as little or as much as you’d like all year long!

Consumer Lending

Everything from cars to boats, even RVs and ATVs

Mortgages & HELOCs

Looking for your first home, your dream home, or ready to remodel?  We’ve got the perfect solutions for you!

VISA Credit Cards

Casebine has two great VISA card options!  Check out our VISA Classic and VISA Onyx and see which one is right for you!