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It seems kind of crazy, but the holiday shopping season is almost here! Make sure you’re shopping safe and avoiding any Cyber Grinches- here are a few quick tips…

  • WiFi- Using public “open” WiFi can be risky.  These networks can be easily compromised by hackers.  Make sure to use a secure WiFi network or your phone’s data connection.
  • Stay Up To Date- Always make sure you’re running the latest version of your operating system- Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android, etc…. make sure your web browser is up to date too!
  • “S” is Best- Make sure the websites you’re shopping on are using SSL certificates.  These websites will have “https://” in front of the web address.
  • Use Strong Passwords- Make sure your using unique passwords for every website or service you use.  It can be convenient to use the same password everywhere, but if one account gets compromised, ALL of your accounts could be at risk!
  • Do Your Research- Make sure you’re shopping at reputable websites or apps.  And remember- if a deal looks too good to be true, it probably is!
  • Watch What You Reveal- Retails should never ask for Social Security Numbers, account numbers, etc.
  • Use Our App- You can help protect yourself by taking advantage of the Casebine app for iOS and Android or logging in to online banking.
    • Debit and Credit Card On/Off- Did you know you can temporarily turn your cards off???  Just log in to the app or online banking and choose “Card Controls” form the left hand menu!